Thought Provoking Quotes from Fallen Angels

"I thought about what Peewee had said.  That I had better think about killing the Congs before they killed me.  That had better be my reason, he had said, until I got back to the World.  Maybe it was right,  But it meant being some other person than I was when I got to Nam.  Maybe that was what I had to be.  Somebody else." - (p.216)

"That's what was going on.  The questions kept coming and nobody wanted to deal with them.  Johnson didn't want to deal with Brew being dead, and Lobel didn't want to deal with Johnson.  Maybe I did ask too many questions." - (p.222)

"But who should we kill?  Maybe we would be quicker to shoot in the hamlets.  Maybe we would stop pretending that we knew who the enemy was and let ourselves believe that all the Vietnamese were the enemy.  That would be the easy way.  The women, the babies, the old men with their rounded backs and thin brown legs.  They would be the enemy, all of them, and we would be those who killed the enemy." - (p.229)

"Lobel was sitting against a tree.  When I saw him I froze.  His eyes were open but there was no expression in them.  'Lobel!' I called to him.  'Wha'?'  'You okay?'  'Yeah.'  'Shit, I thought you were dead.'  He smiled.  His face was caked with dirt, and the smile showed his teeth.  The blank expression in his eyes never changed."  - (p.240-241)

"I had thought this war was right, but it was only right from a distance.  Maybe when we all got back to the World and everybody thought we were heroes for winning it, then it would seem right from there....But when the killing started, there was no right or wrong except in the way you did your job, except in the way that you were part of the killing."     - (p.269-270)